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Welcome to our BLOG!!

We have created this page to introduce you, our LOYAL fans, to our World and our lives.

With so many exciting ventures ahead of us, we wanted you all to be a part of it and get direct updates from us.

First of all we can't THANK you all enough for BELIEVING in us and bringing us this far in life and in our careers. We are sincerely grateful!

2017 is going to be an amazing year for us. As you all know we have announced our independent Record Label named F.R.O.D Music Ltd. We chose this name, which stands for "Fearlessly Ruling Our Destinies", because we believe that in life, to be able to achieve the unachievable, to be able to fight for your passion and make every single dream a REALITY, you need to be FEARLESS and have full control of your DESTINY.

With the experience gained these past years, we are fully charged and determined to stand for who we are, what we believe in and what we can achieve.

Our motto is "We Run Things! Things don't run We!" and we want you all to remember that you should never allow anyone to put you down, to tell you what you can achieve and to tell you your worth. Believe in yourself and RUN your life.

As you've always been there for us, know that we are here for you as well anytime you need. Leave us your comments and suggestions of the topics you would like us to cover.

We hope you enjoy this page and the journey with us.

Don't forget to follow us also on our social pages: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

Bye for now.

Reggie and Bollie

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